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What do you want from PSNStores going forward?

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I know it’s recently been hard to weed through a lot of the cross fire going on between fans of various systems and resolution debates but right now is an incredibly exciting time for our hobby. Video game systems aren’t released very often and with two new systems, one that’s just a year old, and two young handhelds on the market it’s incredibly hard not to be excited to see what the next year will bring us. In the next few months we’re going to see games like Don’t Starve, Octodad, Mercenary Kings, Doki-Doki Universe, Hohokum, Drive Club, inFamous Second Son, Destiny, and several other really exciting games. Now with those games and with new consoles comes change. Not only in the form of having games that weren’t possible before but also with features brand new to consoles. For example just over these past few weeks I think many of us discovered just how cool Twitch integration with a console is. For a website like ours the Share button alone will likely allow us to do a lot of cool new things.

Now recently there’s been discussions between various members of the site both on and off the podcast about ways we can improve and what new things we can do to make PSNStores the best that it can possibly be. These things tend to happen all the time as we’re always looking to improve but I think now is a great time to listen to our own readers and hear what you think. Our recent podcast featured, I think, some really great discussions not just about new features we can do but also where our website stands on a few different issues. (Eric for instance had a killer idea involving live streaming games while on a stationary bike. Giving us the chance to answer the age old question. How many miles on a bike equates to the ultimate heist?)

While we have some ideas of our own that will hopefully come to fruition soon we’d also like to hear from our readers. We post news, share our thoughts in the form of reviews, and record a podcast from time to time but is there something we’re missing? In what areas can we improve? What are things you like and dislike? A reoccurring theme in most of our discussions revolve around the fact that we’re a site spread all around the world. We might not be able to do certain things larger websites can do but perhaps there’s a middle ground that can be reached.

PSNStores is about keeping our readers up to date on anything related to the PlayStation Network, providing trustworthy reviews, and ideally posting an entertaining podcast for people to listen to. Some of our discussions have led to talks about changing some of the formatting in our news, reviews and podcast while also introducing new written features as well. We’re always thinking about how to improve and grow our reader base but there’s a group of people who are willing to take time out of their day and read our website. We thank you for that but we also want to know what you think the next step could be. You’re spending time out of your day reading our opinions and listening to our podcast. What do you want from PSNStores going forward?

Be sure to leave a comment, reach out to us on twitter @psnstores, or email us at editors(at)psnstores(dot)com. As always thanks for being a fan of the site!

I’ll be hanging out in the comments and on twitter for most of tonight to chat. – Curtis