The Walking Dead: Season Two – All That Remains out today for PS3 in North America

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If our PSN new release list wasn’t big enough already, Telltale Games asks that you look there way now. The Walking Dead: Season Two debuts on PS3 in North America TODAY (Dec. 17th) with episode 1: All That Remains.

Europe will receive episode 1 sometime soon according to a recent press release. Steam has been enjoying the first episode for a little while and other platforms should get it beginning tomorrow. The Walking Dead is definitely a strong contender for PSNStores Game of the Generation (award to be determined).

Following the story of Lee in the first episode, season 2 will have gamers and fans of the graphic novel controlling little Clementine. Is she stronger for the decisions you made from the first season, or will she lack the skills necessary to survive? Many of the choices you may or may not have made in the first season will come to fruition in the second. Who did you kill? Who did you save?

If you haven’t played the episodic epic yet, I don’t really know what to tell you other than go play it. If ever there was a game that you had to play chronologically, The Walking Dead is it. Because of the mature mature of the game, I’ll ask that you click here to go to Telltale’s YouTube channel to check out the full trailer for Season Two.