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Telltale Games explores the world of Fables

Posted by on December 4th, 2013 | 2 Comments | Tags:

The Walking Dead Season 1 was one of the best games to come to last generation consoles, but Telltale Games isn’t done with PlayStation 3 yet. Also coming soon to Vita, The Wolf Among Us allows gamers to explore the power and emotion behind being a wolf occasionally held back by his human exterior. Will you let the beast out?

This trailer feature many of the talented people behind The Wolf Among Us on PSN for PS3, soon on Vita, and now on iOS. They go into fairly descriptive detail about the history of the comics, the origin of Bigsby Wolf, and the plot if only a little beyond what we already know from episode one.

Unfortunately, this is not the video where they tease that The Walking Dead season 1, The Walking Dead season 2, and The Wolf Among Us are all coming to PlayStation 4 tomorrow as Cross-Buy titles, but we can still dream. Would you replay the first season of The Walking Dead a third time if it were on PS4? Leave us a comment below…