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Super Icon bringing Indoor Sports World to North America on December 17th

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Super Icon has been making a name for themselves in the PlayStation Mobile space over the past several months, but they’ve also been working on a native Vita title called Indoor Sports World. The game was released in Europe this past week, and now we’ve got confirmation that it’s also coming to North America on December 17th.

Indoor Sports World is a compilation of popular indoor games and is exclusive to the Vita. Super Icon has pack this title with 11 game including Snooker, darts, and air hockey to name a few. There are four game modes including custom tournament single or multiplayer, arcade, exhibition single or multiplayer, and career. The multiplayer is local only, no online. And everything is presented in eight beautifully detailed environments.

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New to the table (pun intended) is the use of the camera to put the gamer’s face into the game in place of a built-in avatar. Super Icon has also embedded support for sharing in-game progress and trophy awards to Facebook and Twitter. Of course there will be trophies, 12 of them. And that is appropriate given the game will cost only $4.99!

I know we’ve been discussing price a few times on the site. What do you guys think about $5 for a sports compilation on Vita? Let me know in the comments section below…