No Man’s Sky announced by Hello Games

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Tonight during the 2013 VGX Hello Games revealed their brand new game No Man’s Sky. The trailer started out with you under water, then emerging onto a beach, getting into a ship, and ultimately flying off into space. No Man’s Sky seems to revolve centrally around the concept of going anywhere from the depths of the ocean to any planet in space.

Exploration aside the trailer also showed off some dog fighting in space and some sort of multiplayer element. Once we know more about No Man’s Sky we’ll post an update.

At the moment no consoles have been announced for No Man’s Sky other than “next-gen”.

  • Stephen Thomas Marro

    I’m more excited about this than anything else mentioned during VGX…

    I love the ambition of this!

  • Huseyin Unsal

    This is the only highlight of the VGX award’s. Man last years show was much better wow . Glad Sony didn’t announce anything with this train wreck of a show.

  • Anthony Evans

    minecraft concept it sounds like..

  • Eric G

    I will slay that snake.