Some PS4′s arriving with faulty HDMI and HDD issues

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Taco Bell recently delivered early release PS4′s to winners of the Big Box PS4 giveaway. Some of these individuals have reported busted HDMI ports and faulty HDD formatting as the cause of bricked PS4′s. Sony provides a 1-year warranty on the PS4 by default with an extended warranty available to purchase from the PSN Store soon after launch. This is an instance where we highly recommend forking over the extra money to swoop up the additional 2-year warranty.

Reports have surfaced on neogaf, with some videos of people on Twitch just talking about how their PS4 is bricked in an effort to find a working fix. With the HDMI issue, it’s a done deal. But some folks are reporting that the HDD issue is fixable by removing the hard drive, turning the system on with no HDD, then reinserting the HDD to force a clean format of the HDD.

IGN’s own Steve Butts reported that two of IGN’s own PS4′s ceased functioning after installing the v1.50 patch. While others currently streaming on Twitch have reported that their PS4 suffered none of the issues mentioned above even after the system update was applied. Even Kotaku had an issue with their PS4 console’s HDMI port not outputting an image after the patch. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida went on Twitter this morning to comment specifically about the failures:


While the initial number of reported cases is significantly low at this point, that number will surely rise tomorrow when over 1 million PS4′s get plugged in. Some commenters to the above links have resorted in cancelling their pre-order in fear that they may get a bricked PS4. Let us know if these issues present a reason not to get a launch day PS4 for you.

NOTE: If you pick up your launch day PS4 and have a problem, don’t hesitate to call Sony support 1-800-345-SONY.

  • Christopher H

    Are you guys getting a PS4 at launch?Are you going to change the hard drive?Are there any benefits to using a SSHD to just a normal HD?

    • KosmoCrisis

      Got mine right here. Afraid to open it. Will it update okay? Will it brick or catch fire? These are not thoughts I should be thinking on Day One of a new console launch, but there they are. I’m not upgrading the HDD this year. I’d probably go with that new 2.5TB 9.5mm I heard is coming soon.

    • Christopher H

      I haven’t gotten one yet but I don’t want to update the hard drive from 500GB to just 1TB or 1.5TB just doesn’t seem big enough.When I updated my PS3fat I went from 60GB to 500GB.The lame thing is the 500GB hard drive for my PS3 was cheaper than a 32GB card for my PSvita.

  • Jacob Clownin Michener

    Got a luanch one and it dont work im pissed payed 800 for the deal