Blood of the Werewolf coming to PSN, here’s the Steam launch trailer

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Happy Halloween!

Blood of the Werewolf is an indie side-scrolling game being developed by Scientifically Proven and published by Midnight City. I’m placing this one in the genre of games you die a lot in. Does one such genre exist? Check out the Steam launch trailer for the game embedded above.


I actually contacted the developer about this game on my birthday a couple weeks ago to get an idea of which platforms Blood of the Werewolf is coming to. My guess would be both PS3 and Vita, but now that PS4 is a potentially benefactor we’ll just have to wait and see.

Crossbow, Claws, and Courage.

Can you make it through the 34 brutal monsters and increasingly difficult white knuckle platforming spread throughout 10 unique worlds and 5 awesome boss arenas?

For the sake of Selena’s child, the last of the Wolf Clan, we hope so.

Features: Story Mode, Leader Boards, 100’s of collectibles, Upgradeable attacks, Dozens of Hidden Items

Coming soon to PC, Wii U, PSN, XBLA