Thomas Hopper Is Looking For Feedback On His Next PS Mobile Game, Super Tank Poker

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Saw this tweet earlier this morning and thought it could use a few more eyes. Thomas Hopper put up 18 minutes of his latest PlayStation Mobile project, Super Tank Poker, and is looking for any and all feedback.

This could be your chance to shape how a game is made! Post any feedback in the comments below.

  • Chris

    Are there any damage modifiers for getting a good hand (full house, flush, straight, etc)? Would be risky, but could be worth the gamble.

  • FriedConsole

    So Advanced Wars but instead of completely random you are playing poker? I like it.

  • Eric G

    I’m not usually into poker games, but this seems like a really cool twist. Will check it out upon release!

  • Maggard

    Enjoyed the video, thanks for putting out this call for ideas. I’m very interested in playing the game.

    A few ideas right now:

    1) Range could be implemented by limiting the number of cards to exchange at further distances. Point blank allows all five to be re-dealt and extreme none.

    2) Moving thru a rank’s forward sights should force a hand where moving tank is hampered.

    3) Limited ammunition based on style of tank. Then provide ammo depots to reload.

    4) Provide your “tough” AI for the Panzer Division level.

    5) Allow Learner Option where the hands provide text describing each final hand and state which beats the other. i.e. “Two Pair defeat Pair of Aces.”
    Grey out the cards that aren’t considered in determining the winner and highlight winner.

    7) Water ditches do not look right with shadows of land surrounding. The drop affect is good showing the land mass, just not the interior waters.

    Look forward to more videos.