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Third Girl Fight trailer demonstrates Chaos and Chrome characters

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Here is the third in a series of character trailers for KungFu Factory’s upcoming Girl Fight on PSN for PS3. The first two showed off Daisy, Shogun, Warchild, Ghost, Viper and Wrench. Now we get to see two more classy characters kicking the crap out of one another: Chaos and Chrome.

It’s really hard to gauge the quality of the fighting mechanics in these trailers without getting our hands on the game ourselves. It bears much resemblance to Tekken or even Virtua Fighter thanks to the close quarters fighting, and lack of the long range projectile attacks the Street Fighter series is known for. Whether either of these things are things that would make you buy it is up in the air.

One thing’s for sure — for a game being called Girl Fight, where’s the cat fights? Where’s the hair pulling and biting and rolling around on the floor? The title doesn’t lend itself much to the classy, technical fighter we are seeing in the trailers.

What are your thoughts on Girl Fight? Do you think it might have a chance to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Tekken, Soul Calibur, or even Virtua Fighter? Or would it barely contend with Divekick?