Minecraft, and Terraria inspired Airship Q headed to Vita in Japan

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While crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo, and Kickstarter have become a common way for smaller game creators to put out new content, it’s still a relatively uncommon thing to see in Japan. Developer Miracle Positive posted a pitch for a new PSVita game called Airship Q on Japanese crowd funding site Makuake. The game draws inspiration from western indie hits like Minecraft, and Terraria while adding its’ own spin on the idea. Airship Q sees a human mysteriously transform into a cat, and to solve the mystery the player has to build and fly airships. The game has been in development for two years.

In just 19 hours Airship Q reached its funding goal of 500,000¥ (~$5000) and will now feature a PC based beta for those who donate at least 2000¥ (~$20). No release window, or plans for an international release were shared. The Makuake campaign will run for 65 more days.