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Honeyslug announces Super Exploding Zoo for PS4 and Vita

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Super Exploding Zoo is a new puzzle action game designed by Ricky Haggett (@KommanderKlobb) and destined for a 2014 release on PlayStation 4 and Vita. Developer Honeyslug is well revered on Vita for games like Frobisher Says and Passing Time on PlayStation Mobile.

Within 80 fully destructible levels, you’ll be tasked with corralling volatile herds of adorably drawn animals and explosively slamming them in an attempt to ward off “greedy alien marauders.” The different animals have special skills that may slow your enemies or, in the case of the crocodile that can apparently build bridges, help gain access to special areas of the level.

From the screenshots seen below it appears as though the entire game is controlled mainly by your finger on the front touch screen. An instructional sign indicates that swiping a herd against a barrier will detonate them. The levels have an explosive appeal to them as well with palm trees and a coconut bar made to look like grenades, while a restroom is housed inside an old torpedo shell.

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Honeyslug has revealed a challenging endless mode comprised of randomly-generated levels. Cross-Play between PlayStation 4 and Vita is also supported in various head-to-head multiplayer modes. We await more news on that soon. In the meantime, Super Exploding Zoo is coming in 2014 — get excited!

Honeyslug is a much loved developer within PlayStation. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful journey with them over the years. I’m excited about working with them again to bring the awesomely cute Super Exploding Zoo to PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®4.
– Shahid Ahmad, Sr. Business Development Manager, SCEE.