Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD Coming Next Week

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An HD PS3 version of the classic Minis title, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, will be releasing on the PlayStation Network next week in North America.

This version of the game besides having updated visuals, will also support the Move controller. The official site also mentions that there is “Realistic AI”, with “prey reacting to visuals, sounds and smell.” I somewhat enjoyed the Minis version, so I look forward to checking this out next week.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Any pricing information on this?

    • KosmoCrisis

      I’ve inquired about this with the devs. Hopefully their interested in sharing this with us.

    • Freelance

      Most likely will be $14.99, like all the other PSN games.

    • Freelance

      OK, prices have been announced. Surprisingly, it’s cheaper than a standard PSN game. It’s $12.99 in the US and 9.99 EUR.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

  • Freelance

    I was stoked, until I saw it is for PS3 only 🙁 I want this on Vita!!! I rarely play my PS3 anymore.

  • Freelance

    I sent them a message on their FB that I want the game on Vita. I hope they comply. They also said a 360 and/or PC version may be possible.