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The Arenas of Girl Fight Revealed

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You asked for it, you got it! Girl Fight arena art!

In Girl Fight, an insidious group known as “The Foundation” has abducted a bunch of females. The memories formed by struggles, battles, and traumas of these women warriors are manifested into battle arenas by the Foundation’s advanced computer, ATHENA. (Side note: The original name for HAL9000 was Athena.) Each character has her own battlefield based on her past experiences. Check out the gallery and read on for some in-depth info on the inspiration of these combat zones from the developers, Kung Fu Factory.

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Air Raid Cathedral

Shogun’s Level.

The Cathedral environment was the product of something pure being mixed with the destructive world we’ve created. We took the beauty and purity of a Cathedral and juxtaposed it with the constant fear of death and destruction by placing an atomic bomb inside the destroyed remains. We aimed to suggest the confused morals of a lost society, and the destroyed hopes of those left alive.
For the visual, its core retro elements are inspired by the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, in which gorgeous historic structures become mere rubble at the face of chaos.

Bridge Arena

Bridge Arena
Ghost’s level.

As SF- and LA-natives, the need to travel at any given moment is a focal point of our way of life. While we were wondering what a world of decay would be like, the conclusion we reached was that if we lost our means to traverse our city then our very lives would be completely different. Fighting on top of what was once the very bloodstream of the city, it embodied our own lives ceasing to exist and a new way of life being born, that way of life being a need to fight for anything we have left to keep us going.
For the visual style, we fell in love with the atmosphere presented in War of the Worlds. It depicts exactly what we wanted in the game: a world under attack by uncontrollable forces.

Destroyed City

Destroyed City
Warchild’s level.

Contrasting that of the inspiration from metropolitan LA and the dependency on travel, we wanted to achieve a global appeal. By setting this environment in a destroyed Arabic city we were able to take the livelihood of an entirely different culture, and show that war and destruction can impact anywhere in the world in the same way. While to us Americans, the highways are the blood stream of our progress, in smaller countries every section of a city is integral. We destroyed a populated section of a city to emphasize that if you remove even one small section of another city, that world is forever altered.
In terms of world of Girl Fight, everything is chaos. Therefore, every city would have a sense of having been bombed, deserted, and hopeless. This is the environment Warchild would derive from.

Mech Battle

Mech Battle
Wrench’s level.

As war has changed, we wanted to show how the future battles would be fought. In the background we can see large robotic constructions battling to show how the way war has been fought changes everything. The true idea, though, is to also put even more emphasis on our local battle. This was designed specifically to show that, regardless of the fighting and destruction to the entire world, one’s own individual struggles should never be undermined. With our characters battling each other, we can see that every single fight is equally important, regardless of size or scope.
The visual of the Mech Battle stage was realized from our love for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. and the old school gem Mechwarrior 2. We wanted the combat to reach other parts of the world devoid of any warmth needed for human survival and also display attributes of technological advancements.


Viper’s level.

This is an interesting environment, as we didn’t want to exclusively show destruction in every environment. The inspiration for this was to show what all of the girls aimed to achieve. We see a clean well organized environment, but one that thrives and solely exists to instill destruction on the rest of the worlds. By succeeding in being the victors of battle, we see an untouched and powerful military world. This is exactly what the girls need as well; to remain intact and functioning they must be the aggressor and destroy any threats to themselves.
For the visual, we went for something clean, pretty and intimidating that would be representative of Hunter’s characteristics. This is a future and hyper advanced world where there is no hope of survival if you fall.

Meteor City Night

Meteor City Night
Chaos’s level.

The rooftops are the only areas in Meteor City that have any room to breathe. We wanted to represent that the destruction of the city’s streets have left the only serviceable areas to fight, walk, or even breathe were on the rooftops. The streets are entirely rubble and the only areas that could serve any purpose were the areas that stood tall in the face of destruction. This environment was another attempt to matching the needs of the girls. Stand tall and maintain your presence, or crumble only to be forever forgotten and as another brick.

Who’s interested in this femme fatale fighter coming out this fall?