Ridge Racer Driftopia free-to-play racing toward PS3 this year

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Namco Bandai Games has prepared this trailer in advance of the new Ridge Racer Driftopia entering into a closed beta program. Although, they aren’t beta testing on the PS3, but through Steam rather. Anyone can register for a beta key, or you can wait for the actual game to hit PSN for PS3 sometime this year. Did I mention it was free-to-play?

Bugbear Entertainment is spearheading the development of Ridge Racer Driftopia. They were the dev responsible for Ridge Racer Unbounded, which received a Metacritic score of 72 from critics, and even lower from the gamers. I find that’s rare and usually gamers are more lenient on their opinion of an average game. The gameplay in Driftopia is said to focus on the driving, drifting and destruction while the graphics have supposedly been upgraded.

We’ll post more about Ridge Racer Driftopia when information becomes available. Until then, enjoy the trailer above.

[Source: Ridge Racer Driftopia website]