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Real Boxing European Championship throws down for the EU release

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Beginning today when Real Boxing hits Vita across Europe, Vivid Games will be hosting a tournament lasting two weeks called the Real Boxing European Championship. This embedded trailer above provides a fairly comprehensive walkthrough of Real Boxing for Vita.

The Real Boxing tournament  is available to play from the game’s online mode and will run until September 11th. Players can compete via online head-to-head matches against friends and random contenders, or play Ad-hoc matches locally. This is an online leaderboards-based tournament where the winner will get a PlayStation Vita.

We’re thrilled that launch day has arrived and players will be able to get their hands on the Vita’s first boxing simulation. With the Championship starting today, players can jump into the multiplayer action immediately – we’re looking forward to seeing the result in two weeks time and congratulating the first Real Boxing Champion.

– Remi Koscielny, CEO, Vivid Games

At E3 2013, I got my hands on Real Boxing on a Vita while talking to Remi and it was looking good even then. But it was missing a few things like the multiplayer mode. There have been a considerable number of improvements and additions made to the Vita version over the iOS and Android versions as the video above points out.

Check out the Real Boxing website, visit the game’s Facebook page, or follow Vivid Games on Twitter.