Helldivers from Arrowhead Game Studios is coming exclusively to PS4, PS3, and Vita in 2014

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At Sony’s Gamescom conference it was announced that Arrowhead Studios is teaming up with SCE to bring their newest title exclusively to the PS4, PS3, and Vita. Helldivers takes place in the future were mankind is at constant war with three different species of aliens (as if one wasn’t enough). You take control of Earth’s elite soldiers, the aforementioned Helldivers, as you band together to take on the aliens and protect earth. The game is a top down shooter that will contain both single player and co-op missions for up to 4 players.

Each mission you take on will contain multiple objectives to complete on a procedurally generated battlefield. You will be able to load out your character with different weapons, perks, and something called stratagrams, which if the screenshots below are any indication, you will need to input directional commands to set off. Co-op is definitely a big component of the game and you will need to watch what you are doing and work together to complete the missions, especially since your bullets will not only damage your enemies but also your partners. Your wins and losses wont only just effect your campaign but also the overall community campaign which can lead to unlocks for all players, which sounds like an really interesting mechanic

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The game is set to release in 2014 and will be cross play and cross save across all three platforms, but no word yet if one purchase will get you all three versions.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]