Cytus Lambda Will Be Getting 22 News Songs Next Week

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Cytus Lambda will be receiving a free update next week that will add 2 new chapters to the game. To check these new songs out you will have to have paid to unlock the full game.

Here is a list of the new tracks:

Chapter 7 “Loom”

Black Lair / Sakuzyo
The last illusion / Kiryu
Galaxy Collapse / Hero_C
L / Ice
Gate of expectancy / Nocturne Moonrise
Rainbow Night Sky Highway / Sakuzyo
Quantum Labyrinth / Haloweak(VANGUARD SOUND)
樂Musik / KillerBlood
Hercule / naotyu
Aquatic Poseidon / RIC

Chapter 8 “Another Me”

Maspuerade / M2U
Her Sword / Hoskey
Morpho / Orangentle
Slit / Ebico & Jioyi
Laplace / Sakuzyo
Q / Kiryu
Schezro / BAROQUE
AXION / Sakuzyo
Code03 / Hoskey
Reverence / Vospi

There will also be 2 hidden tracks included in the update. You can grab the game now from the PS Mobile store for free, which includes the first chapter. To unlock the rest of the game and receive all future update for free it will cost you $11.99/£9.69.

[Source: Famitsu]

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  • kuki00001

    is it also available at us psn?
    Cytus facebook page only has a link for JP psm, well, it just got out

    • Chris

      it will be live in about 2hrs

    • kuki00001

      thanks, the icon on the playstation mobile had already change 🙂

  • petprice

    what day next week

    • Chris

      already out, should be a new update

  • petprice

    will thair b more expansions after this one

  • petprice

    will thair b more expansions in future