Tokyo Jungle Spin-Off Headed To PlayStation Mobile?

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According to a Japanese blog that has access to this coming week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, Tokyo Jungle will be heading to PlayStation Mobile.

The details are slim at this time, but we do know the release date and price. The game will be coming out next week, July 10th (in Japan for sure), for ¥300. That pricing is only temporary, much like with Yu-Nama: The Puzzle, so after a week or so it will go up to ¥600.

It seems that the game might be tactical, as Shane Bettenhausen from Sony told us on Twitter that “screens kinda evoke FFT with gazelles and Pomeranians”. The game is also played from a top-down perspective according to the Famitsu issue.

I am working to find out if it will be coming out next week in the US. Check back for more updates.

[Source: Re: Gigen]