There Was A PlayStation Mobile GameJam In Japan Over The Weekend

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Japanese developers had a chance to go hands-on with the PSM SDK over the weekend with the PlayStation Mobile GameJam Summer 2013 at the Digital Hollywood University in Tokyo. The theme for the event was “Heartwarming Games”. Participants were split into 8 different teams each completing a game over the weekend.

Gamer.ne.jp was at the event and they got some video from each of the games! I will embed them in the links so the page doesn’t take forever to load.

First Prize was Escape Penguins from D Team.
Second Prize was Grow from F Team.
Third Prize was sekioyuzurunokami from A Team

The remaining games were:
B Team’s Boneko wo Tazunete 300 Meter
C Team’s I Am Back!
G Team’s Nagaya: Wabisabi
H Team’s My Darling

Hopefully we will see some of these titles make their way onto the Store. Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below.