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TACS Games Newest Title Is Shuttle Quest 2000

Posted by on July 2nd, 2013 | 7 Comments | Tags:

Developer Thomas Hopper is probably the most prolific creator in the PlayStation Mobile scene at the moment. With 9 published games currently, he isn’t losing any steam and is still hard at work on new stuff all the time. His 10th project has been officially announced as Shuttle Quest 2000.

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Shuttle Quest 2000 is a blend of side scrolling shooter and craft-em-up RPG. Use money and resources earned/found on missions to buy and craft bigger and better weapons to help win the war against the evil robot empire.

So it sounds like the game is one part Monster Hunter and another part shmup. He seems to be sticking to his retro-styled roots as well. It seems like Sea Run was a test to get the visuals just right.

Development is planned to be wrapping up in a few weeks, so if I had to guess I would say we will be seeing this game hit the PlayStation Mobile store some time in August.