PS3 Exclusive DuckTales Remastered Retail Box Art

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It took just one email to Capcom’s PR to get us the exclusive PS3 box art for the retail release of DuckTales Remastered. I know this is veering away from what PSNStores is all about, promoting the PlayStation Network Store over retail. But still, how cool is this?

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Analyzing the box art, we can see it’s completely different from the original NES box art. At the top right corner, you can clearly see the exclusive Disney collector’s pin, featuring Scrooge McDuck’s head with a sky blue background. While the ESRB didn’t exist when DuckTales first released, DuckTales Remastered is rated E10+.

Looking at the original NES box art, I noticed at the top where it says “STATE-OF-THE-ART” and “HIGH RESOLUTION”. Why isn’t this on the remastered version? Shouldn’t it say “MORE STATE-OF-THE-ART” and “HIGHER RESOLUTION”?

  • Elvick

    If you were fishing for reactions, I’m okay with topics like this.

    And this is still technically a digital game, just a code in a box… but still technically a PSN game. ;P

    I’m really glad it’s happening and will buy it for sure. Worth the extra $5 for me.

  • jeff

    didnt you ask for a vita version?

  • Artemiy

    It’s a bit sad there’s no Vita version, would have been perfect for the device.

    • Ed Carroll

      yeah, this woulda been sweet on Vita, but really glad it’s happening at all. Loved this game on NES.

  • Taji Karasuma

    I will wait for the physical copy, box art looks REALLY AWESOME… (^0^) /