Here Is How Tokyo Jungle Mobile Plays On PlayStation Mobile

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Tokyo Jungle came out for PlayStation Mobile tonight and if you were wondering what it looks like and how it plays fear not! Just watch this video I made. There are some points where my capture Vita loses signal and the gameplay stops, this does not happen in-game however.

Remember the game is on sale for $2.99 this week and will go up to $5.99 next week.

  • Syltique

    It’s definitely not all the same as the original. It’s a much more casual, bite-sized version that’s actually pretty fun so far. If you’re at all a Tokyo Jungle fan, you can’t go wrong with this game for $3.

    Movement is all grid-based, so you can only hop in four directions. Stealth is really simplified so that the game actually has an even faster pace. You sneak up on enemies and quickly take them out. Holding the circle button let’s you stay locked in one square and pivot around in any direction, so you can face enemies for your stealth kills. Stealth is much more forgiving now, with some enemies not noticing you even just one square away. There’s no sneaking stance or walking speed. You are always in stealth mode as you hop around. It’s a very different game that let’s you run through sections much faster, and more casually.

    I mated once and your pups aren’t shown on the screen, but count as your extra lives. There are other areas on the map not immediately apparent. I found a sewer area so far. Mating still has the same rank up, territory, and mate level requirements. Your hunger meter is still absurdly quick to deplete.

    One nice thing is that I only played about 15 minutes so far, and I have 50,000 pts to unlock animals already. One of the decent wolves is only 50,000 and there’s already several options, so unlocking them all isn’t as painful if you play regularly.

    I’d get it. It’s bite-sized Tokyo Jungle in a slightly different, more casual, more simplified form.

  • mrcurrie21

    LOL! Copulate?

  • Freelance

    I’m guessing you’re the one who was in Twitch playing this game. I saw it and it made me want to get it instead of pinball (and I love pinball) since it will be on sale for only a limited time. 6 is too high for it, but 3 is just right.

    Don’t want the PS3 version but I am liking this one. It seems all the gameplay features from the PS3 game is in this one, but on a grid instead. One of my friends hates the PS3 version with a passion, but likes this one.

  • Brian Chase

    I’d definitely recommend it as well; I stayed up till 3 in the morning playing as the chick (duckling) just to see if it was possible to score decently with the little guy. So yes, unlocking points is easy (I have like 600,000 I think) but I’m highly enjoying playing as the different animals one by one.

  • Eric G

    i bought it and played it a decent amount already. i haven’t played the ps3 version at all so newcomers are able to enjoy this if anyone’s wondering!