Launchpad McQuack takes us to the Himalayas in a new Ducktales Remastered trailer, plus new images

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Capcom has readied and primed the good old PR machine with the release of a new trailer, some fun new screenshots and character art. It’s nice to see Launchpad McQuack and the gang haven’t aged a bit in 25 years. I wonder what their secret is.

WayForward knows what they are doing with the Ducktales game. Their new art demonstrates the evolution of a classic franchise that is still recognizable to many 30-somethings and younger thanks in part to the advent of DVD.

Peep these new screenshots from the Himalayas:

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Here’s some new character images from the artists at WayForward:

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With the numbering of the last trailer and now this one coming from Launchpad McQuack’s Travel Tips, it’s easy to assume that more trailers are en route.