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Do Not Fall multiplayer trailer, release date, and price

Posted by on July 21st, 2013 | 1 Comment | Tags:

The fine folks at Reverb have let us in on a new multiplayer trailer for Do Not Fall. We also now know when the game will hit PSN and for how much. I hope you’re not afraid of heights!

Do Not Fall will come to PS3 as a PlayStation Network title with what looks like seven unique cartoony characters to put to the ultimate test of survival in six different multiplayer modes: Soccer, Crown Grabber, A Cold Wind Blows, Step On The Floor, Occupy The Base, and Mark The Territory. The fun thing about those modes is that I can imagine the rules just from the title.

This latest trailer puts multiplayer on the marquee and tries its very best to remind us what a fun multiplayer game should look like. If anything, this trailer has raised my hopes and expectation for Do Not Fall. I’m having fun with the board game version called Don’t Break the Ice.

Do Not Fall will arrive in North America on July 23rd on the PSN Store for $9.99. No confirmation on other regions at this time, but I will update this space if something pops up.