Update: Chaos Rings Will Be Coming Out (Atleast In Japan & US) Next Week On PlayStation Mobile

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Update: The PlayStation Blogcast confirmed that Chaos Rings will be coming out in the US next week.

Square Enix and Media.Vision have announced that their mobile RPG Chaos Rings will be releasing in Japan on PlayStation Mobile next week, July 24th, for ¥800.

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The game is a turn-based RPG that “revolves around a tournament where combatants fight for their lives: the Ark Arena.” Players must choose a pair of adventures, one male and one female, to go into this Arena to do battle with others.

While there is no official word yet from Square-Enix if the game will be coming to the US next week, I did stumble upon this website. I have reached out to try to get an official confirmation, and will give you any updates I receive.

[Source: 4gamer.net (Japanese)]