BreakQuest Extra Evolution coming as a freemium game for PSVita

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A freemium version of the Minis game BreakQuest Extra Evolution will be available on PSVita sometime later this month.

BreakQuest Extra Evolution comes packed with 100 physics based levels, new shuttles, new power-ups, 13 trophies and 10 bosses to go up against. The base game will come with 33 free balls to use. You can then buy ball packs in sets of 100, 200, 500 and infinite balls. At the moment there’s no confirmation on how each pack will be priced.

[Source: PSPMinis]

  • Devin Hudson

    If it works like ToM Blitz where you only have a certain amount of lives and then you have to wait for them to recharge then that’s fine. But if you only have 33 balls and then have to buy more to continue, then I’ll probably skip this one as that method doesn’t seem very conducive to long term play (unless the infinite balls don’t cost too much).

    • KosmoCrisis

      I second that notion. This game was awesome on minis and my second game review for PSNStores I do believe.

    • Elvick

      I’d be okay with that.

      I hope it’s that way, because I really want this game natively on PS Vita. D; But to heck if I’m paying for balls.

  • NiNothing

    I got this game today and so far it seems you can collect parts to create a new ball and you need to collect four parts to create one ball. Other than that it appears the only way to get more balls is by purchasing them: $6:99 for infinite balls and $1.99 for 100 balls.