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Strength of the Sword 3 Out June 5th In Europe

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It has been a long time since we have last heard from Studio Ivent about their PSN exclusive Strength of the Sword. Back in 2010 we planned to do a Q/A post, but the two man studio never got back to me with answers to my follow-up questions. After that I never really thought about the game again, until today when I checked my inbox and we had a review voucher.

Now titled Strength of the Sword 3, and no there aren’t two other games, will be released on June 5th across Europe for €9.99 on PS3. If you want to know the reasoning behind why it is called Strength of the Sword 3 here is what the devs had to say:

We’re NEVER going to make sequels to our games. We want to take up different challenges each time around. And getting stuck on a single series doesn’t fit into it. So… we’ll be finishing all of our “trilogies” right off the bat. Like, for Strength of the Sword 3… If we want to revisit the project, we much rather do it through DLC, so that we can just build on it instead of redoing it. Why go through all the boring things again-like tutorials and stuff; when we can just give the players that liked it more of the exciting content like Bosses, Levels, Weapons and stuff…

As for the game itself, it is “challenge driven sword combat game”. That challenge comes from the AI system in place that will learn from how you are playing and adapt.

There is no date yet set for a North American release, but the game will be coming soon. Look for more coverage on the site later this week.