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Stick It To The Man Coming To PS3 And Vita Later This Year

Posted by on June 4th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Ripstone are one of the few publishers out there embracing both Vita and PSN. With a bunch of both Vita, PS Mobile, and PS3 titles under their belts, the team has found another talented group of developers in Zoink! and will be releasing their title Stick It To The Man later this year.

Stick It To The Man has been a pet project of Zoink!’s Managing Director, Klaus Lyngeled for many years. “It’s amazing seeing the game come to life after its been rumbling around in my brain for so many years, and now realizing it actually really works! Plus I’ve got the perfect team to work with and the insanely funny Ryan North (writer on the Adventure Time comic) writing with us. If you play Stick It To The Man and manage to not smile then … we’ll I think you might be dead. Sorry.”

From the trailer above you can get a small glimpse at the gameplay. You control Ray who by chance of an accident has this pink thing sticking out of his brain. Because of this he can read minds as well as changing the world around him. He is framed by “The Man” for a crime and it is your task to clear his name.

Stick It To The Man will be at E3 and I will be swinging by to check it out sometime next week.