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Spiders Studio announces Bound by Flame for PSN

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You might remember us reporting on Mars War Logs, in development by Spiders Studio and scheduled for a Q3 2013 release on PSN, in the past. That same developer today announced their new game and released a few screenshots prior to it’s official debut at E3 this year.

Bound by Flame, scheduled to release on PSN later this year, puts you in control of a “mercenary possessed by a flame demon”. You’ll either choose to accept the demonic powers given to you or try to resist the demon and gain heroic powers instead. In addition players will be able to learn new abilities and progress through three different skill trees. The game itself seems as if it’ll rely heavily on player choice.

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Bound by Flame will be at E3 next week so we can expect a more in depth look at the game in just a few more days.