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PlayStation Mobile Sneak Peek – Sword of Rapier, Cytus Lambda, And More

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Update: Looks like Cytus Lambda didn’t get released. I will see what is up with that in the morning.

Update 2: A developer on the project has gotten back to me. The game has been postponed until June 26th, as they are taking advice from Sony and waiting a few weeks until after E3 to release. One could speculate that Sony has something big PSM-wise planned for E3.

Here is what you can expect to see on PlayStation Mobile later tonight. Don’t know what regions will see which games, but here is the list. Sorry that we don’t have much information on these games, it seems that most Dev Portal releases have zero marketing:

Cytus Lambda

While that is just a video from Cytus, I think we can expect the same type of game with Cytus Lambda. DJMAX Technika has some competition it seems.


I have nothing on this one. It is from MOUNTPUNCH and the only thing called Chiebura on the internet is this doujin game.

If it is the same thing, you are bouncing a woman with a man breakout style while dodging lazer shots from rubber ducks. So pretty much Japan: The Game.

Hyper Reminder

This is an app from the developers of Multi Count. So I assume it is a memo app, based on the name. Watch out Merum!


If this is based off of the Mircosoft Windows classic, expect it to be pulled soon after release. So grab it quick if you want it?


I got nothing. Sounds Japanese and is from SeazDevelop, the makers of Merum.

Sword of Rapier

I think this is one of the fist Action RPG titles on the platform. From the list I have, there also might be a “Boss Rush” in-app purchase. I will be checking this one out for sure.