Attention Rhythm Game Fans: Cytus Lambda Comes To PlayStation Mobile On June 26th

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You might have caught wind of this game if you have been following us on Twitter, but with the official trailer going live last night I felt it was time to make a post.

Cytus Lambda is an exclusive version for PlayStation Mobile of the popular Cytus rhythm game series. It will be releasing on June 26th for Free, which nets you the first chapter of the game with 10 songs to play. If you want to unlock the full version it will cost you $11.99.

Here is a run down of the features of the full version:

  • 70+ songs with over 140+ variations
  • 10 exclusive songs for Lambda
  • Hand-drawn backgrounds
  • Future chapter updates will be free of charge
  • Genres include: Pop, Jazz, Trance, Hardcore, Drum ‘n’ Bass and more

I happen to have the game on my tablet right now thanks to a mistake on SCEE’s part and have been playing it. It is a little different from similar game slike DJMax, instead of a horizontal time line that you have to tap in beat with Cytus uses a vertical one. There are all the similar note types: taps, slides, and holds. I have noticed no real issues when playing. Tapping the screen seems to be perfectly in time with the music. It can be an little hard to play on such a big device, so I am hoping it is a little easier on Vita… which is something I can’t test at the moment.

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There seems to be quite a lot of content for the asking price and with future updates that promise to be free, I can see this cutting into DJMAX’s sales quite a bit. Now if only PSM games had trophies.

  • Connconn7

    I want to see a good music making game/app on Vita When that comes, I’ll buy it on day one.

  • JConPSN

    Really looking forward to this, seems like a smart way to release it.

  • Jeffson

    Looks Awesome!

  • Freelance

    Not really interested in rhythm games. The only one I like is theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and only because it’s full of awesome FF music.

    • Andrew

      Theatrhythm was great, I sunk a lot of time into that when it was released. The RPG components mixed with the rhythm gameplay was quite addicting.

      I am a pretty big fan of rhythm games so I am definitely looking forward to this one. Hopefully it plays as good as it looks.

  • Anonyneko

    Does this mean PSM is still alive somehow? Wow.

    Depending on the music I might just buy this, looks rad.

  • JacK HammeR

    its on my to buy list.