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“5 Star Wrestling” Bodyslams PS3 this Summer

Posted by on May 7th, 2013 | 2 Comments | Tags:

Scottish developer Serious Parody have announced that they’re bringing an exclusive wrestling game to the PlayStation Network for PS3 called “5 Star Wrestling“. The game is intended to be an authentic wrestling experience offering players the ability to use techniques that those in the ring would use. This means that constantly attacking an opponent’s legs will result in them being unable to perform certain moves against you.

In addition to this, the game boasts the most moves per wrestler in video game history, with each combatant having more than 200 moves at their disposal. As an authentic wrestling experience the game is also a bit strict with the rule set encouraging players to avoid trying any dirty techniques lest they want the referee to disqualify them.

Serious Parody previously shipped Wrestling Manager for mobile devices earlier this year, and plans a summer launch for “5 Star Wrestling”. As always, bookmark PSNStores for more about “5 Star Wrestling” pricing and release date info as it arises.