Sound Shapes DLC Coming May 14th

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Some new DLC will be hitting the Cross Buy PSN title Sound Shapes on May 14, according to a tweet from the official Sound Shapes account.

We can confirm that it will be the 80s and Dubstep sound packs that were accidentally released in Asia back in March. Trophies for both these have been out in the wild since the last patch.

As with other sound packs not only will you get more samples to play with, but also some new Beat School levels. Previous sound packs were $0.99 so I expect these to be priced similarly.

Do you still play Sound Shapes? Post a link to some of your favorite levels in the comments below!

[Source: @SoundShapes]

  • I want professional levels and carefully orchestrated album packs… gimme a QN5 album… i’d be more interested in that, than sound packs and create tools.

    • Chris

      I hope they have some cool new single player stuff. Maybe E3?

    • noahb16

      I don’t know if they’ll spend time on a small game that’s already been released. But then again, they did spend 15 minutes on Wonderbook…

    • Chris

      I just mean in general, not during the press conference.

    • noahb16

      Oh yeah, in that case there probably will be some Sound Shapes stuff. P.S. Did you get my writing Application? I sent it to the editors inbox.