Men’s Room Mayhem Release Date and Pricing Revealed

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Ripstone has revealed that Men’s Room Mayhem is coming to Vita on May 21st in North America and May 22nd for Europe. It will sell for $1.99 and £1.99/€2.49 respectively. Can you resist nature’s call?

I was admittedly apprehensive about Men’s Room Mayhem when first I read about it coming to PlayStation and mobile platforms, but I truly do enjoy time management games like Flight Control, Diner Dash, and Order Out. Maybe I have OCD because I loved, loved, loved a PSP mini game in Hot Shots Shorties called Bookshelf Dash where all you do is sort books.

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PSNStores will have the review for your reading pleasure tomorrow, so keep us synched in your RSS feeds and follow @PSNStores on Twitter. Are any of our readers forming a line for this potty game?

  • Wow, I thought it’d be a pretty good deal for $3, so to see that it’s even cheaper than that is surprising. I’m a pretty frugal gamer, so things hardly ever come out for as cheap as I want them to, let alone cheaper than my expectations. Barring any major issues (which means I’m looking forward to that review tomorrow), I’ll definitely be picking this one up at launch.

  • Eric G

    Looks sweet.