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Manhunt is Coming to PS3 as a PS2 Classic May 14

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Leave no stone unturned, no platform untapped, leave no game unplayed. If I owned a game company like Rockstar, that would be the company motto. Hopefully that would mean these PS2 Classics will get proper love from fans and gamer’s like myself that never had time for the Manhunt series.

I can almost remember when this game came out and how swamped I was with work. Neck deep in some form of SOCOM testing at Sony I’m sure. Alas, it’s stories like this I’m most intrigued to read about. So, instead of telling you all about Manhunt coming to PS3 next week and how different it will NOT be on our beloved PS3’s, I would love to hear your stories or quips about when Manhunt entered your world. Did you play it, did you want to play it, did it rock your world?

I’ll give you all until Sunday night to tell me a story about Manhunt — keep it G rated please — and I will pick a few to get either pasted into this post, or if they are good enough I’ll make an entirely new post from the writings of our readers.

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