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How To Survive will have zombies running amuck on your PS3 this Autumn

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Developer EKO Studios is crafting a new survivor horror game called How To Survive, set to release this Autumn on PS3 by way of our very own PlayStation Network. The game will be published by 505 Games, recently known for releasing Terraria and Way of the Dogg, with our most anticipated title being PayDay 2.

How To Survive will indeed be a game, not a handbook, though it will have a survival guide according to the press release. EKO Studios is also taking a cue or two from games like The Last of Us by including a “robust crafting system.” More interesting though is how the game will allow players to choose one of many playable characters before throwing them into a story that takes place on a series of remote islands near the coast of Columbia.

An unexplained accident has occurred and now you must survive by any means necessary. Find your own food, water, and shelter. Make weapons and tools to make life easier. Need to catch some fish?  Make a fishing pole. Need to burn a whole lot of zombies? Make a Molotov cocktail. Need some company? Throw a controller at a friend for some couch co-op or hop online to enjoy the story mode and challenge modes with another human.

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We know it’s coming Autumn and that’s about it. Would be nice to know price just to get an early idea how this will compete with other games having infected persons trying to kill us. Again, we’ll keep an eye on How To Survive when PSNStores hits up E3 2013. Are you ready for yet another zombie infestation?