DYING: Sinner Escape coming to PS Vita

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DYING: Sinner Escape is a new episodic horror game that’s set to release on the PS Vita sometime this year. As you see above DYING boasts that it’s a game straight from the creator of the popular movie franchise SAW. As for what that might mean for DYING, as you’ll read below, it’s clear that there are certainly similarities present.

DYING will play out among tv-style episodes in which you’ll take control of a group of people trapped in different mysterious rooms that seems to feel reminiscent of a nightmare each character has had. Everything that the characters experience, including such things as headaches or strange voices, is said to have some sort of meaning relevant to each character. What that means or examples of this are vague and likely serve to be key plot points within the game.

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DYING promises to take full control of the Vita’s control capabilities as you’ll use different methods to solve puzzles and investigate objects throughout the game. In addition to solving the overarching mystery players will have to discover a way to escape each of the rooms that they’re trapped in.

DYING: Sinner Escape will be available sometime this year. While no date is currently confirmed for the Vita the iOS version is out later this month so it’s possible that we could see the first episode released on the Vita quite soon.

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  • I’ve never seen the Saw movies, but it sounds interesting. I especially like the TV show format, since I’m a pretty big TV addict. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

  • Not a huge horror fan, but it’s nice to see more Vita support.

  • Michael Huang

    I saw the PV1 video on Facebook.

  • jujubee88

    Fuck yes! This was literally what I had been asking for. TWD season 1 on VITA was cool but this exclusive horror episodes stuff on VITA really scratches an itch that Silent Hill: BOM didn’t.

    And the creator of SAW? Hell yes!

  • James Kung

    Fucking awesome!Can’t wait to have a try!

  • Mark Edwards

    The game is so hard,I can’t get passed the first few puzzles,I need help