Cardboard Castle fortifying itself on PlayStation Mobile

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Traveling far (Android) and wide (iOS) comes Cardboard Castle, a puzzle adventure game with its catapult aimed directly at PlayStation Mobile for Vita and PlayStation certified Android devices. As you can imagine, and as the embedded video above will demonstrate, Cardboard Castle features a unique paper world filled with cardboard cutouts. Vanquish foes by burning them with a lit match or take down barriers with a snip of the scissors.

For PSM, developer Mando Productions have included two exclusive stories over the course of 10 levels. Their games, including Pix’N Love from minis fame, were formerly published under the name Bulkypix as you will discover in the various mobile app stores. Publisher AMA (sister company to Ubisoft and Gameloft) is planning to bring more to PSM as well, as AMA vice president Jean-François Denis points out:

Having our first game on the PlayStation Mobile is very exciting and we will offer more entertaining content for PSM users like Hills of Glory: WWII next month and other titles by the end of the year.

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For just $4.89 (according to AMA, price discussion in comments), a hike uphill from the Android version’s low low price of $1.99 with iPhone/iPad at $2.99, the Vita’s gorgeous 5″ OLED can be harnessed to overwhelm the senses as well as to play those 10 additional levels. I feel it’s important to note that the production values for this game are arguably higher than at least a few PSM titles currently selling for a competitive price.

A release date has not been provided in the press release, and that is likely due to the fact that it is difficult to obtain one with new PSM releases. The scheduling, we’re told, is a bit chaotic. But keep a weary eye out, Cardboard Castle could lower the drawbridge sooner than we all think.

  • Chris

    If only games could be priced at $4.89 on PSM. I wonder what it will actually be priced XD

    • KosmoCrisis

      Kind of funny that the press release said the actual price given what we know about how Sony decides the price.

  • So, if I understand right it has more content?

    “For PSM, developer Mando Productions have included two exclusive stories over the course of 10 levels.”

    I’ve paid more for mobile games on Vita natively before… I don’t know about doing it for PSM though. It was fine for Super Crate Box with having buttons. I might try it out. Will you guys be doing some footage of it? I didn’t really figure out much from that trailer.

    • KosmoCrisis

      This would be a great example of how we can use that Vita capture unit, if this isn’t already possible with some kind of Android app. (Screencast Video Recorder, requires root access)

  • TACS

    4.89 is tier 23 of the pricing scheme. Actual price will be well above that.

    • Chris

      Yea that is what I meant. It will be rounded up to like $6.49/$6.99 or something to include sony’s cut

  • I’ll certainly be grabbing Cardboard Castle when it hits PSM. I’ll snap up Hills of Glory too – I had a lot of fun with this WWII themed tower defence title on iOS last year (or was it the year before??). Either way, PSM is an underrated platform, and one that I like to support. If anyone’s interested, my favourite Mobile titles (in order) so far are…

    Super Crate Box, Rymdkapsel, Frederic: Resurrection of Music, Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender, Life of Pixel, Surge and Rebel.

    Moreover, with the likes of Oh Deer, A Virus Named Tom, and Treachery in Beatdown City, etc. all headed to PSM this year, the service can only get better. Right?

  • Josh Read

    I’d absolutely love to know how they justify that price (which actually be even HIGHER).