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Zeno Clash II Trailer Shows First 5 Minutes of Gameplay

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Why have I never played this before. Watching the new gameplay trailer for Zeno Clash II
has peeked my interest in a game that has never been on my radar before. Atlus and developer ACE Team have gone out of their way to give fans, and newbies like myself, a chance to see Zeno Clash II gameplay.

After doing a little research, Zeno Clash II looks very similar to the first. Many of the sequel’s changes include large environments, improved graphics, and a new storyline featuring Ghat on a mission to rescue Father-mother from the Golems. This trailer takes you through the first five minutes of gameplay, although it skips the first cutscene. Ghat, with the help of an ally named Rimat, gets into a brawl with a gang of ruffians which paves the way toward their main goal.

Gameplay is what grabbed my attention, as it’s a first-person bare-knuckled boxing game with RPG elements. Sort of reminiscent of Fallout, but with no more than a some close-quarters weaponry; and later some fancy Bioshock-eque hand powers. With an interesting story and gameplay I’ve not previously experienced, Zeno Clash II may have a place on my PS3 hard drive when it releases sometime this Spring on PSN.