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Stealth Bastard is headed to PS3 and PSVita this Summer.

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Curve Studios, the developer that previously brought us Explodemon, announced today that Stealth Bastard will be available on PS3/PSVita as a cross-buy game (#YOPO) this Summer.

Stealth Bastard originally was a free PC download a couple years back but Curve released an updated version entitled Stealth Bastard Deluxe on Steam last year for $9.99. (I still remember playing the free version and thinking it was pretty rad though.) Within the game you find yourself in a network of dangerous chambers with the not-so-simple goal of remaining undetected and making it to the exit. Some chambers take just a matter of seconds to complete while others might take much longer. In addition to the eighty levels in the game you’ll also find unlockable gadgets, speedrun leaderboards, and a level editor.

The game announcement isn’t the only thing you should be excited about though. Curve Studios is also looking to change the name of their game to something a little less ‘rude’. So they’ve handed that task off to the community. Submitting your name idea at their website will enter you in a chance to win a prize package if your suggestion is used. The winning name will award you with a PSVita, free copy of the game, and your name will appear in the credits. Entries can be submitted here and they’ll be taking submissions until April 14th.

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