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[Update] PS3/Vita Versions of Hotline Miami Will Include New Content and Controls

Posted by on April 26th, 2013 | 3 Comments | Tags: , ,

Update: It seems like there was some miscommunication. There are new controls, but the content will remain the same, unless you consider cross-saving new content!

French game website, Gamekult, recently interviewed Ralph Egas of Dutch developer Abstraction Games about their upcoming PS3/Vita port of Hotline Miami, the indie developed PC game that caused quite a stir last year when it was released by Dennaton Games.

Of particular note in the interview, Egas mentions what we can expect from the port. He tells Gamekult, that the new port will offer exclusive content not seen in the original PC release. Two such exclusives include cross-play functionality and online cooperative multiplayer. Whether this title will also feature cross-buy or any word of a final release date are both still up in the air, though he does mention that the game should be coming out sometime soon.

Egas also mentions that the controls have been redesigned for both versions of the game with the Vita version featuring touch control support. The PS3 version will feature standard shooter controls with movement on the left analog stick and actions performed using the L1 and R1 buttons. Additionally, he also mentions that these versions of the game will feature a lock-on system as requested by players.

Abstraction Games may not be widely known, but their work in the past has focused primarily on ports. Most notably they were the developers behind the the PS Minis version of Angry Birds. Egas also states within the interview that Abstraction is now looking to branch out of doing port work and make something original. Here’s hoping that all that port work has made them proficient enough to make a good game on their own, and that the PS3/Vita versions of Hotline Miami turn out alright.

[Via Gamekult (Full interview in the original French)]