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PS3 Patch for Dragon Fantasy Book I out now

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Dragon Fantasy Book I, the retro styled RPG from Muteki Corporation, seen its release last week on the store for both PS3 and Vita in North America and has been pretty much the only thing I have been playing since. But while I have been enjoying the game on my Vita without any hitches some PS3 players have run into a couple of game crashing issues. But fear not, by heading to your PS3 and loading up Dragon Fantasy you can now download a new patch that takes care of those pesky issues.

Besides squishing bugs the patch also modifies the miss rate formula to make it easier to land hits on the baddies of Westeria:

We’ve also taken this opportunity to reduce the miss rate across the board – currently the miss rate is calculated based on your hit percentage minus the enemies evade percentage. We’re now adding 1 and dividing everything by two, so if you have a 85% chance to hit and the enemy has a 10% chance to evade, it would be like this:

0.85 – 0.10 = 75% chance to hit

(0.85 – 0.10 + 1.0) / 2.0 = 87.5% chance to hit.

This change will also be making its way to the Vita version soon. But don’t think that this will make things easier for your band of heroes though, as this will also affect the enemies hit rate.

Muteki isn’t just stopping there though as they are already planing a second patch that will change some cosmetic things with the game based on player feedback. So if you notice any issues or have any feedback make sure to send off an email to support@mutekicorp.com

I am currently working my way through and I will have a review ready soon, but if you have been wondering what the gameplay is like you can check out some footage of Dragon Fantasy Book I on the newest PSNStores Stream Show.

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