PlayStation Mobile Update – April 17th 2013

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Here is what is new on PSM this week. All descriptions and screens were taken from the PlayStation Mobile store. Games are subject to regional availability.


There were no games released this week.

Price Changes

There were also no price changes or sales.


Chimpact – Working on finding out what was changed/added.

Pinky Spots Leg Massage got a patch this week. It adds new outfits you can have the model wear as you are “massaging” her. The first level for each new costume is free, but if you want more you will have to pay $0.99 per outfit. Here are some new screens that were added to the Store.

[gallery_imgs dir=”http://media.psnstores.com/psm/pinkyspots/” num=”9″]

  • wow massive update lol

  • Freelance

    I thought there was gonna be a patch/update/whatever for Haunt the whatever-it’s-called.

    • Chris

      I dunno what happened to that. I will ask Tom from SFB

  • CaptainPilot

    Got a game that was approved and is currently processing so will hopefully appear on the store soon. I gather there are a few that are due out over the coming weeks.

    • Chris

      When did it get approved? Seems to take 2 weeks after approval to get on the store

    • CaptainPilot

      Mine only got approved last week but according to a few on the forums, it seems that nothing has happened since the beginning of the month.

  • Amish

    Yeah dump rest of the eu don’t do fake promises u will extend the service in other countries u all die In hell