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[Mystery Solved] PlayStation Mobile Game “Rymdkapsel” Has Some Unique Marketing

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Update: a third image has been posted and the clue makes everything come together.

The image’s secret message is JDN. JDN is an abbreviation for Julian Date Number after some googling. I plugged in our other clue, 2456421, into a converter and got May 8th 2013. That just happens to be the day PlayStation Mobile updates.

So I think it is safe to assume that Rymdkapsel is coming out next week!

Growing up I was a huge fan of Magic Eye books. It seems that Martin Jonasson has been making some of those Magic Eye images to help promote Rymdkapsel, an upcoming game for PSM.

The first one seems to show a block, or a set of blocks.

The second one however is more of a mystery. A clue was left saying “there’s enough info in that picture to reveal a certain date…” and “it’s not a relative time measurement, it’s an absolute one.”

From reading the image the numbers 2456421 are visible. Anyone have any hints to what date this could be referring to? Let try to solve this mystery!