Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus R coming to Vita in NA on April 23rd

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Now that is a mouthful of a title. GGXXACP+R is the sixth revision of Guilty Gear XX which was initially released in the arcades in 2002.  This revision has additional balance improvements over Λ Core Plus which seen its release on NA/JP PSN late last year and sees changes made to characters Kliff Undersn and Justice to make them legal in tournament play.

In excellent fashion the launch date for the Vita version was announced on the Arc System Works North American twitter feed via a pair of sneakers…Batman sneakers:

BHlbCpLCIAAJYAH.jpg large BHgxDVBCAAAbl1z.jpg large

As you can see in the picture above there is currently no release date for EU, but NA fans can look forward to playing some Guilty Gear on the go on April 23 for $14.99.


[Source: Arc Systems Works Twitter]
[Via: EGM Now]