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EPIX Coming to PSN Today

Posted by on April 2nd, 2013 | 4 Comments | Tags:

Video streaming services were at one time a rare commodity on PS3. Today, that is not the case as we all welcome EPIX to join the ranks alongside Netflix and Hulu+ in the TV/Video Services column of our XMBs.

Chris Mahoney, Sony’s Director of Emerging Platforms, has gone on public record to announce EPIX has partnered with SCEA to not only bring the paid service to PS3 today when the store updates, but to also bring along some special PSN details. The first being that the service will include a free 14-day trial to allow folks to become familiar with the over 3,000 HD movies from networks such as MTV Films, MGM, Paramount and Lionsgate.

The second most important announcement was that Vita will also get an EPIX app “soon.” If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then EPIX will let you watch a “new movie every week” for free, without a subscription. As an added bonus to subscribing to the service on PSN, EPIX is providing an exclusive in the form of EPIX Original Concert Events.

EPIX is already available on a bunch of platforms and devices. Many of their “Top Movies” are also available on Netflix, but the free weekly movie for Plus sounds like a solid offer. What do you guys think? Anyone using EPIX with their cable provider or a different device? EPIX win or epic fail?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]