Dragon Fantasy Book I Out Today, 20% Discount for Plus Members

Posted by on April 16th, 2013 | 4 Comments | Tags:

Muteki Corporation is proud to be bringing their old school inspired RPG, Dragon Fantasy Book I to both PlayStation 3 and Vita today as a cross buy title. If you happen to be a PlayStation Plus member you can even get an extra 20% off the $10 price tag.

If you bought the game on another platform, you should know that this version has had a few upgrades made since that release. The artwork has been totally redrawn and the interfaces have been tweaked (shops, item management and more). One cool thing about the new artwork/sounds is that you can switch between the “8bit” and “16bit” on the fly. The sound and visuals will swap out and you can continue playing with the newer look.

Of course seeing how this is a PSN title, there are also trophies. No platinum, but still a good grip of trophies to earn while you play. The game will hopefully be out soon, pending the usual Tuesday Store publish.

Look for a review a little later this week.