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Can You Help Get Us A Vita Capture Device?

Posted by on April 27th, 2013 | 34 Comments | Tags:

I hate asking for stuff like this but here we go. There is a site which sells hard modded Vita’s that allow for video capture. The asking price $481.50.

Currently all our site funds are tied up in E3: rental car, hotel, airfare and not to mention the monthly site fees (podcast hosting, server rental, bandwidth). The site really just makes enough to cover all that (I have been saving the extra funds for E3 all year).

I feel like we could do a big service if we capture some footage of PlayStation Mobile titles and PS Vita games. PSM would be our main goal since there is VERY LITTLE video coverage out there and while we currently are doing some Vita videos, over the shoulder camera work is not really that great.

So this is where I come to you. There is a PayPal link at the bottom of this post. There is also a chart showing how close we are to the goal. The moment we reach our goal I will remove the PayPal link and buy that sucker. When you donate you can let us know which game we should capture first. It can be anything that is on the US Vita store. We will total up all of the donations and the game which comes on top will win. It better not be Pinky Spots Leg Massage.

Thanks again!

Game Leaderboard:

Farming Simulator $78.66
Dragon Fantasy Book I $50
Rymdkapsel $50
Life of Pixel $20
Out of Mind $20
Nun Attack $15
Penguin Party $10
Nunnageddon $2
Pinky Spots Leg Massage $1

Unreleased games: Treachery In Beatdown City $50

Donation total now reflects PAYPAL fees.