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Trophy Unlocked: Complete Nun Attack Trophy List

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We love trophies, and I know you love trophies. And who wouldn’t love to get a jump on the trophy list for an upcoming game? Nun Attack has 6 Silver trophies and 9 Bronze trophies to obtain for the low asking price of $2.99. Take a look at the complete trophy list below and share your thoughts on the game when the store updates later today.

Silver Silver

  • War Decoration
    • Defeat Sergeant Baz.
  • The Curse is Lifted
    • Defeat Ripfang the savage.
  • Lord of the Night
    • Defeat Count Viktor.
  • Banished from Heaven
    • Defeat Mortanna, sister of flames.
  • Midas Touch
    • Gather 2,500,000 Coins.
  • Seasoned Sister
    • Reach level 15 with a Nun.

Bronze Bronze

  • Ready to Rock!
    • Gather your full squad.
  • World Peace Bronze
    • Obtain a 3-bullet rating in 20 missions.
  • Lock n’ Load!
    • Upgrade a Nun’s weapon to its full potential.
  • Shiny!
    • Open a special chest.
  • Back from Beyond
    • Bring a Nun back to life.
  • Deflector
    • Deflect 100 projectiles.
  • Godly Powers
    • Obtain all miracles.
  • Miraculous
    • Use 50 miracles.
  • Wooden Cross
    • Defeat 100 skeletons.