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Sanctum 2 Bringing FPS Towers Defense to PSN

Posted by on March 22nd, 2013 | 4 Comments | Tags:

Reverb Publishing is bringing the Coffee Stain Studios developed tower defense first-person shooter to PSN. As you can see in this embedded trailer, no longer will you feel the urge to sit idly by yelling at your towers to shoot already. In Sanctum 2, you are in the trenches taking down enemy waves yourself.

Reverb Publishing is in Boston at PAX East gearing up to show Santum 2 off to attendees this weekend. They will also have Beatbuddy on hand, likely not the PSN version, that hopefully we will learn more about leading up to its inevitable PSN release. Sanctum 2 will include three new playable characters, Sweet Autumn, Haigen Bagge, and SiMo, with their own special weapons and abilities.

Color us intrigued to learn more about this game and the possibility for multiplayer as it secures a Spring 2013 release.